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The legendary Sartoria Litrico, established in Rome since 1951, creates unique suits for many famous artists, theatre and cinema actors, politicians, sportsmen and representatives of the Royal Dynasties. Everyone chooses Luca Litrico for the high quality, the huge variety of fabrics and the impeccable Italian style.


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2021 settant’anni di Sartoria Litrico

1951-2021: Sartoria Litrico’s 70th anniversary

It was 1951 when our history started. So today, in 2021, we mark the Sartoria Litrico’s 70th anniversary. Since that first day, a lot of things have happened and we have already touched many points over time together in this channel. Since Via Sicilia in Rome, with that seat in the counter occupied by Angelo Litrico as a simple servant, to the enterprise that brought men’s fashion to everyone’s acknowledgment. We already talked about all our famous clients, from Kennedy to Eisenhower, from Vittorio Gassman to Nikita Kruschev.

Vittorio Gassmann Angelo Litrico

So, we can take an overall look at what we are today. Because, in all these years, many things have changed. Our world, to begin with, has rediscovered a slower way of life, more aware of materials and waste, and slowly moving away from prêt-à-porter fashion to return to the origins of sartorial quality. And this means more than it seems: not just the possibility of relying on a tailor who is, in all respects, our personal designer, capable of dressing us as our body requires and not vice versa; also, for the care with which he selected the fabrics to offer, based on the best on the market and on the most sustainable companies. The tailor thrives on sustainability, not only for the quality of the materials but with a work devoted to not wasting any precious material he works with. Production is 100% optimized because it is based on the order received and not on mass production.

The world has changed, yes, and so has the Sartoria Litrico. The attention to every particular moment of a man’s life, from his most casual times to his business days, has led to enriching the offer with two newly born products in celebration of the Seventieth anniversary of Sartoria Litrico. To begin with, the new Litrico fragrances: in their different forms called Nostalghia, Momentum, and Visionario, are an important addition to our offers. They too are part of ancient history, a project by Angelo Litrico that we have taken up and transformed to meet the men of today.

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Urban Litrico line

The second big news is the birth of the Urban Litrico line: suits for the businessman or for special occasions, which have the same refinement materials but a faster development that allows reducing production costs to always have quality within the reach of more people.

However, there are other things that remained unchanged. A service that allows us to still be here, seventy years later, to celebrate an important step together with the same passion and attention in our work. A network of partners built over the years that guarantees, to us and our customers, a quality that is difficult to reach elsewhere.

scabal panorama

Our anniversary happens in a somewhat difficult 2021 at first sight. But we continue to look forward, to a future that promises a return to craftsmanship, to Made in Italy, to sustainability. For our 2021 collection, we have gathered the most beautiful fabrics to offer to our customers.

Born from the combination of completely natural fibers, the new fabrics are resilient and comply with many occasions of use. We have the line dedicated to the sharpest winter, with pure 130s virgin wool, and wefts with luxurious patterns. Speaking of patterns, interesting is the series called “Panorama” which presents inspirations to the most important buildings in the world and delicately takes up their angular, checked, or herringbone shapes. Those are made in 120s wool, with a small addition of cashmere to give a softer feeling.

Contact us now to discover the new fabrics, or to arrange an appointment in person – or online – with Luca Litrico.