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The legendary Sartoria Litrico, established in Rome since 1951, creates unique suits for many famous artists, theatre and cinema actors, politicians, sportsmen and representatives of the Royal Dynasties. Everyone chooses Luca Litrico for the high quality, the huge variety of fabrics and the impeccable Italian style.


Sartoria Litrico
Tessuti collezione estiva Sartoria Litrico

A Vibrant Spring-Summer Collection: High Quality Fabrics and Surprising Colors

Welcome to our fascinating spring-summer collection, where high-quality fabrics and striking colors come together to create a vibrant experience. With delicacies of pastels and depths of browns, this selection of luxurious fabrics for jackets, shirts, and tailored suits offers a full range of options. From wool to silk to linen, we chose fabrics in perfect harmony with the warm season. The essence of summer is embodied by pure linen and its vibrant hues, while the contemporary and elegant look is enhanced by the combination of super wool and silk. For a mix of comfort and style in the warmer months, cashmere denim fabrics are the ideal choice. All in keeping with Sartoria Litrico’s philosophy of combining Italian haute couture and slow fashion with high-quality fabrics produced ethically and sustainably. We designed this unique summer collection to bring you style, well-being and inspiration.

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A Rainbow of Colors: From the Delicacy of Pastels to the Depth of Browns

In this summer collection, Litrico Tailoring expresses itself with a veritable rainbow of colors, ranging from the delicacy of pastels to the depth of browns. The soft, light tones of pastel colors evoke a feeling of sweetness and freshness, perfect for sunny days and summer evenings. This is a bold and refined choice that allows people to express their personality in a subtle and elegant way. On the other side of the color spectrum, deep browns add a touch of warmth and intensity to the collection. These earthy tones are timeless and give summer jackets a timeless aura of class. Whether you choose muted colors or more intense hues, Sartoria Litrico’s summer collection is designed to surprise and enchant with a remarkable variety of colors.

Luxurious Fabrics for Summer Jackets: Wool, Silk and Linen in Perfect Harmony

In the summer collection of high-quality fabrics, jackets are dressed with elegance and sophistication. Wool, silk and linen come together in perfect harmony, creating unique and irresistible garments. The gracefulness of silk combines with the durability of linen and the softness of wool, resulting in fabrics that enchant with their beauty and versatility. Colors are declined in a vibrant palette, allowing personality and emotions to be expressed. Wearing a jacket made from these fabrics is like embracing the coolness of summer in style. The lightness of linen, the sheen of silk and the warm texture of wool provide unparalleled comfort even during the hottest months of the year. The choice of high-quality fabrics reflects Litrico Tailoring’s commitment to offering a product that combines aesthetics, comfort, and durability, for fashion-conscious and ethical fashion.

Essence of Summer: Pure Linen and its Vivid Shades

The essence of summer is embodied in pure linen and its vibrant hues. This lightweight, breathable fabric is the perfect choice for facing hot days in style and comfort. Linen offers a fresh feel on the skin, while its vibrant hues evoke a sense of vitality and cheerfulness. From the bright tones of lemon yellow and mint green to the more intense shades of ocean blue and coral red, linen comes in a wide range of colors that capture the summer essence. Wearing a garment made of pure linen means completely immersing yourself in the summer atmosphere, with its lightness and ability to reflect sunlight. Whether it is a shirt, a suit or a jacket, linen is always a refined and elegant choice for hot summer days.

Contemporary and Elegant Look: Super Wool and Super with Silk

In the fashion world, the contemporary and elegant look requires the perfect combination of style and sophistication. That’s why super and super wool with silk has become a favorite choice among sophisticated fashionistas. This combination of high-quality fabrics offers an unprecedented touch of luxury and comfort. Super wool, known for its softness and durability, is elegantly blended with silk, which adds a timeless elegance to the garment. The fine texture of the silk gives a delicate sheen to the fabric, creating a refined and luminous appearance. This combination of materials also provides a light and cool feel on the skin, making these garments perfect for hot summer days. To wear a suit or jacket made with super wool and super with silk is to embrace a modern, elegant style that lets a feeling of class and sophistication shine through on any occasion.

Comfort and Style in the Warm Months: Cashmere Denim Fabrics

Comfort and style blend harmoniously in the warm months through the use of cashmere denim fabrics. This high-quality material provides a touch of luxury and softness without compromising the coolness needed to cope with summer days. Cashmere, known for its lightness and breathability, is expertly woven with denim, creating a unique combination of comfort and sophistication. The soft feel on the skin is enveloping, while the elegant and casual look at the same time evokes a sense of tranquility and sophistication. These fabrics are ideal for lightweight jackets and impeccably cut pants, perfect for casual occasions or a more sophisticated look. Wearing cashmere denim fabrics during the warmer months means embracing a timeless style that combines fashionable comfort with timeless simplicity.

The philosophy of Sartoria litrico: Italian haute couture and slow fashion with high-quality fabrics produced ethically and sustainably

Sartoria Litrico’s philosophy embodies the excellence of Italian haute couture and the concept of slow fashion, combining high-quality fabrics with ethical and sustainable production. We are committed to creating garments that will last, without compromising style and sophistication. The fabrics we choose are carefully selected for their superior quality, sourced from suppliers who meet strict ethical and environmental standards. Litrico Tailoring embraces responsible fashion awareness, avoiding waste and reducing its impact on the environment. Each garment made is the result of careful attention to detail and a slow but precious production process that enhances Italian craftsmanship. With a sustainability-oriented philosophy, Sartoria Litrico not only offers high-quality creations, but is also a conscious choice for those who desire a sophisticated, eco-friendly wardrobe.