Sartoria Litrico - Luca Litrico

The legendary Sartoria Litrico, established in Rome since 1951, creates unique suits for many famous artists, theatre and cinema actors, politicians, sportsmen and representatives of the Royal Dynasties. Everyone chooses Luca Litrico for the high quality, the huge variety of fabrics and the impeccable Italian style.


Sartoria Litrico
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Sartoria Litrico becomes a member of the Association of Historic Shops of Excellence in Roma

Litrico Tailoring: A New Chapter in the History of Roman Excellence

It is with immense pride that Litrico Tailoring announces its recent admission to the Association of Outstanding Historic Shops in Rome, a prestigious acknowledgment that celebrates our contribution to Italian fashion and craftsmanship.

Founded by Angelo Litrico in 1951, our tailoring house is distinguished by its dedication to the excellence of Italian sartorial art. Our atelier has always been committed to creating unique pieces, tailored for prominent figures in the political, cultural, and entertainment world.

The Association of Outstanding Historic Shops in Rome values entities that, through their historical and cultural value and the quality of their services, contribute to outlining the image and identity of Rome. Its members include Roman businesses that have been managed by the same family for at least three generations, spanning more than 70 years in the same commercial sector. We are honored to be part of this exclusive association and thereby reaffirm our mission as custodians of the Italian tailoring tradition.

This acknowledgment is also an opportunity to express our gratitude to our clients, whose support has allowed us to reach this prestigious milestone. Our commitment remains unchanged: we will continue to offer exceptional service and products, maintaining a vibrant link with the historical tradition of Italian tailoring.

Our inclusion in the Association highlights the role of Litrico Tailoring as a symbol of elegance, style, and Italian craftsmanship, not just locally, but globally. We represent much more than an atelier: we are a symbol of the sartorial art that has made Italy famous worldwide.

We look forward to the future with enthusiasm, embracing this new chapter of our history with the firm intention to continue to celebrate and enhance the art of tailoring. Thank you for your ongoing support and trust. We await you in our atelier to share with you the passion that fuels our daily commitment.