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The legendary Sartoria Litrico, established in Rome since 1951, creates unique suits for many famous artists, theatre and cinema actors, politicians, sportsmen and representatives of the Royal Dynasties. Everyone chooses Luca Litrico for the high quality, the huge variety of fabrics and the impeccable Italian style.


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Men’s tailored shirt: a must-have item

Men’s tailored shirt is a must-have item in the wardrobe of those who put style first. The tailored shirt made by Sartoria Litrico is a versatile piece of clothing, suitable for men who care about details that make the difference, regardless of age and profession. The tailored shirt is distinguished by important details such as quality stitching, original and completely natural fabrics, and mother-of-pearl buttons, combined with a perfect shaping, both slim fit and comfort fit. Above all, it’s a unique product created by the expert tailor who followed each step: from the taking of the measurements to the choice of the fabric and the model with all the customizations, up to the delivery of the precious accessory that will help to embellish the wardrobe of its owner.

Men’s tailored shirt means a complete tailoring service as per tradition: starting from a wide choice of double and triple twisted fabrics, to the hand-embroidered initials to further embellish the product, up to the closed bust seam and the topstitching both shore than 3 millimeters. The Sartoria Litrico boasts a collection of more than 500 variants of fabrics with verified and ecological origin, which form the basis for the creation of a garment that fits us like a glove, customized to the needs of the customer in every aspect.

Tailored shirt: let’s start from the neck

The shirt collar may seem like a small detail but in reality, it represents the most exposed and delicate part of it. The type of collar depends on many aspects: the personal taste but also the shape of the neck and shoulders of the customer, there are many types of collar to choose based on taste and intended use.

The Italian collar is the narrowest and most traditional of collars. More formal but still very versatile, it is perfect when combined with ties with a small or medium knot. It has narrow and elongated tips, suitable for round faces and shorter necks. The semi-Italian collar is a middle ground, with a classic but less formal style, the tips widen slightly at the end and are perfect for dressing taller men with longer necks, and go perfectly with ties.

The French-style and semi-French necks, on the other hand, have shorter and more open tips. The French collar is contemporary, it has a high width that leaves a part of the collar strip visible. Both of them are more informal than Italian ones, especially for the semi-French, which offers an alternative between casual and formal, for the man who wants a tailored shirt for any occasion.

Going more and more towards the casual, we meet the Button Down Long collar. Born in the United States in the late 1950s, it expresses a Freestyle vibe but is also suitable for more youthful looks. The sails are longer than the previous ones, from 7.5 to 9.5 centimeters. The Korean collar, with its unique and recognizable shape, was born as a casual style but now lends itself to many situations of use. Last but not least, the tuxedo shirt is suitable for very special occasions, and has 5 cm long neck sails, in addition to the unique button and cuff fastening features.

Button placket and cuffs: a full personalized shirt

The cuffs are details not to be underestimated for the men’s tailored shirt. From the more classic beveled to the rectangular, it has many shapes dedicated also for the cufflinks. The beauty of a made-to-measure shirt also lies in being able to take some liberties, for example by shortening the cuff where the watch is usually held and finally avoiding uncomfortable movements of the arm to consult it.

The buttoning of the tailored shirt can be also customized according to the needs. Without placket for the most elegant shirts, with traditional placket for informal or sporty ones. The hidden lacing is the most suitable for the tuxedo, while the popover with short cannon makes it the ideal garment for leisure time.

Camicia su misura da uomo

The fabric that makes the difference

The fabrics that best suit a made-to-measure shirt are cotton, linen and silk. The choice of fabrics is closely linked to the occasion and season of use. Modernity has moved the limit of the occasions a little further, making possible the use of a garment in many different situations. Fashion is becoming free from overly restrictive codes and return to its main protagonist: the man who wears the personalized garment with style and elegance.

Furthermore, by relying on a tailor’s shop, you can be sure of the quality of the fabric. 100% pure, from a controlled production chain, with a decidedly lower environmental impact compared to mixed fabrics and polyester.

The tailor-made of Sartoria Litrico is a story that has lasted for over seventy years, and is a guarantee. From the fabrics to the seams, all of the men’s bespoke shirts are completely Handmade and Tailored in Italy in our workshop according to tradition. Choosing Sartoria Litrico means giving priority to the quality of the raw material used for the products, care of the cut and the realization, constant attention to innovation and styling of those who turn to the masters of High Fashion. From measurements to delivery, Sartoria Litrico accompanies the customer in every step for a 360 ° service.

Camicia su misura da uomo