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The legendary Sartoria Litrico, established in Rome since 1951, creates unique suits for many famous artists, theatre and cinema actors, politicians, sportsmen and representatives of the Royal Dynasties. Everyone chooses Luca Litrico for the high quality, the huge variety of fabrics and the impeccable Italian style.


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New Fabric Collection Spring Summer 2023

At Sartoria Litrico, sometimes everythig begins with models and sometimes with cloth, for over 70 years we have stood at the forefront of tradition, innovation and elegance in Man High Fashion design and bespoke.

This season, our spring summer collection is influenced by bright colours and the feeling of Spring. Fabrics are versatile and lightweight with a luxury comfort. Enjoy a soft break in the mountains with our summer cashmere collection, try to survive overheating in the urban jungle without losing your sartorial edge with our superfine merino wool 230 grams/meter or enjoy a laid-back glamour and relaxed summer feel in our St Tropez collection.

Each season our partners of designers and artisan weavers located in Biella, a small location in the north of italy, create collections of the finest luxury fabrics. Each is the perfect fit for tailored suits that prioritise aesthetic, comfort and function.

New this season we have a range of fabrics with added stretch making them even more comfortable to wear and bringing an element of crease resistance which makes them ideal as travel garments.

The special editions

Every single one of our cloth collections is made to the highest standards of quality, yet our Special Editions collection stand above others. They are composed of the most treasured fibres on Earth, as well a being the embodiment of cutting edge luxury fabric design.