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The legendary Sartoria Litrico, established in Rome since 1951, creates unique suits for many famous artists, theatre and cinema actors, politicians, sportsmen and representatives of the Royal Dynasties. Everyone chooses Luca Litrico for the high quality, the huge variety of fabrics and the impeccable Italian style.


Sartoria Litrico
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Sartoria Litrico dresses the virologist Matteo Bassetti

Dr. Matteo Bassetti, virologist, and director of the School of Specialization in Infectious Diseases at the University of Genoa, has chosen to dress in the tailored suits of our tailor’s shop. A customer who does us honor, in many ways. The first is the continuity with our history: in the 1960s, Angelo Litrico, founder of the tailor’s shop, dressed Christiaan Barnard, the first cardio surgeon to have performed a heart transplant. The harmony born immediately between Luca Litrico and Matteo Bassetti reminded us a lot of the stories of that meeting many years ago. Because Bassetti is an attentive professional, a charismatic person who loves a healthy life and hard work.

During his television shows, he has always presented himself as a distinguished man, in a suit and tie, and we admired his class and the respect he shows with his look towards the interlocutor. And here it is, the second reason: we knew that he would appreciate everything about our work. Sustainability, attention to the quality of the fabrics, the tailor-made manufacturing process that not only brings the customer a suit but something that can bring out the best features of him.

The Litrico Man

Dr. Matteo Bassetti embodies our idea of ​​a Litrico man: marked professionalism, who has achieved results with his strength, a sophisticated class, and a healthy lifestyle. That’s the message we have always wanted to send, and the professor embodies it best. We designed and created two shirts for him, one of which blue and one red with contrasting interiors, a summer suit always in shades of blue, with three-dimensional textured fabric breathable and crease-resistant wool, and dark blue trousers with a highly technological plot. Those are all sustainable fabrics, antiviral, and treated with nanotechnology.

Professor Bassetti told us that he is a very classic man and that’s why he loves our style, because we carry forward the message of a niche fashion, an haute couture for men only.  Worn by, among others, Rossano Brazzi and Vittorio Gassman, Nikita Khrushchev, Juan Peron, the American presidents’ John F. Kennedy, Dwight D Eisenhower, Richard Nixon alongside Umberto di Savoia, Giulio Andreotti, Guttuso, Raphael Alberti, Quasimodo, and Ungaretti.

This classic dress for us means in step with the times. Classic today is the return of dry lines, not too wide lapels, shoulders that follow the natural line of the body, strapless, unlined, and restructured. Angelo Litrico made such clothes for the President of the United States John F. Kennedy: because fashion is cyclical, it goes away and comes back again, and the tailor is the one who knows when the right time is to bring it back to its dawn. Rediscovering the Elegance hidden in each one unique body we measured and dressed.