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The legendary Sartoria Litrico, established in Rome since 1951, creates unique suits for many famous artists, theatre and cinema actors, politicians, sportsmen and representatives of the Royal Dynasties. Everyone chooses Luca Litrico for the high quality, the huge variety of fabrics and the impeccable Italian style.


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Tailored groom suit: the right choice for the big day

The imperative for the future husband is one: do not disfigure HER! The tailored groom suit is the right choice that also brings a timeless garment for men, which fits them like a glove, and follows the trends and the moods of the entire ceremony. Because the elegance of a groom is a difficult balance between rules, proportion, and personality: and there is no one more suitable than an expert tailor to sew them all into a single suit! The men’s line of tailored ceremonial suits by Sartoria Litrico is made according to traditional values to ensure wearability and comfort, both for the future husband and for witnesses or guests. In the tailor’s shop, you can find every detail or fabric you want: starting from Jacquard, brocade, and embroidered, or other exclusive solutions with precious finishes mixed with jewel closures, Swarovski pins, and everything the groom wants to make the own unique and original outfit.

Alongside Luca Litrico, the groom will not only have a suit but a much needed style consultancy. First things first: what kind of dress to wear? They are all good according to their tastes, but between tailcoats, tight, tuxedos, and rendigots in Sartoria Litrico we preffered mainly two solutions. Let’s see together!

Tailored groom suit: Tight and Half Tight

The most formal daytime dress par excellence is made like this: a dovetail jacket, a white piqué shirt with cufflinks, and a rigid collar associated with a particular tie called the plastron. The look is completed by a waistcoat, gray and black striped trousers, strictly without cuffs, gloves, and a top hat. Does that seem a little too much? Perhaps. But let’s be clear: you only get married once in your life (at least, that’s the goal). Can you take off your jacket if it’s 40 degrees at some point? Yes, as long as your tailor is not present to see it!

The half-tight is a solution for the more formal lovers who do not want to overdo the details. The trousers are the same, but the jacket has no tails, and the shirt is less plaster.

The dark groom suit, single or double-breasted

The timeless style of the classic three-piece made to measure: consisting of a jacket, trousers without cuffs, an elegant shirt with cufflinks, a classic tie, and a waistcoat. The appropriate nuances for the groom who wants to stick to the classic go to the shades of iron-gray or deeper blue: undoubtedly the easiest and most versatile option that gives impeccable and refined elegance.

For the dandy man, you can go for a classic double-breasted jacket. Its six-button version owes its origin to the military uniforms used at the end of the 18th century, but the number of buttons must be directly up to the wearer to be appropriate. The cut of the contemporary double-breasted jacket has become drier than the previous ones. The double lacing and the shape of the peak lapels highlight the chest and shoulders, diverting attention from the waistline, giving a few pounds less and a more slender look. In short, it is the equivalent of heel 12 for a woman.

The fabrics available Tailor-made tailoring for groom

The tailoring uses only a specific type of fabrics, which are difficult to find elsewhere. These are quality natural yarns come from the best Italian and English companies. For the 2022 collection, Sartoria Litrico presents the classic blue and gray, perfect for the occasion. For those who want to lighten the bridegroom suit with a breath of fresh air, fabrics for the bridegroom suit are available with more captivating colors that follow pastel tones.