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The legendary Sartoria Litrico, established in Rome since 1951, creates unique suits for many famous artists, theatre and cinema actors, politicians, sportsmen and representatives of the Royal Dynasties. Everyone chooses Luca Litrico for the high quality, the huge variety of fabrics and the impeccable Italian style.


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Le cravatte sartoriali: la Sartoria Litrico garanzia di Stile

Tailored ties: the Sartoria Litrico guarantee of style

A must during official occasions, an added value during business meetings, tailored ties are a style choice for the elegant man who wants to wear a unique detail. The Italian tailoring tradition has made the tie a pride of taste and design. Sartoria Litrico realizes the hand-made ties according to the best Made in Italy artisan tradition. The original and elegant pattern of each tie is the expression of the person who wears them. They are perfect for those looking for memorable gifts, or for companies interested in creating customized ties with a logo, or for classy men who want a personalized tie, perhaps with their initials.

Tailored tie for the bridegroom

There is no better time to pay attention to even the smallest detail. On the wedding day, the groom’s outfit must be as elegant and classy as possible. Sartoria Litrico offers its experience not only for the wedding suit but also to enrich an already chosen suit with a tailored tie. In that case, we can choose the best style solution alongside the groom. Whether it’s a regular tie, a necktie, or a plastron, the colors for the most popular bridegroom ties are often pearl gray or blue. Contacting a tailor is a good idea also if you want to match the tie with the bride’s dress.

Custom Made in Italy ties

The tie was born in the 17th century. It was a distinctive sign of the Croatian officers’ uniform and was used to hide shirt buttons. Today it has an exclusively stylistic character and is a garment that offers many options. Made in the best fabrics, it can have any pattern or color shade, different styles, and lengths dedicated to the client’s physiques. A printed silk tie with bright patterns is perfect for a party or a ceremony, for a business context, on the other hand, we could use more cautious and standard patterns. The fabrics set a tone to the whole outfit: a wool tie is perfect in casual contexts, cotton or linen mixes feel like summer. For a ceremony, silk is mandatory. The tie is also perfect for leisure time, but let’s avoid it on short-sleeved shirts. Each Litrico tie can be customized according to different styles that suit the occasion and fit.

The correct length of the tie is evaluated when knotted and must coincide with the belt of the trousers. The standard size ties of Sartoria Litrico are 148 cm long by 8.5 of the shovel. Customers taller than 1.90m will need a longer length.

The sartorial ties of Sartoria Litrico presented in our online shop are made of 100% pure silk twill. The internal composition is in wool, available in four different finishes in the inner lining. For even more personalized orders, you can contact the tailor’s shop at any time.

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