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The legendary Sartoria Litrico, established in Rome since 1951, creates unique suits for many famous artists, theatre and cinema actors, politicians, sportsmen and representatives of the Royal Dynasties. Everyone chooses Luca Litrico for the high quality, the huge variety of fabrics and the impeccable Italian style.


Sartoria Litrico

The Sartorial Shirt: A Celebration of the Art of Tailoring for the Man of Style

In the landscape of tailoring, the tailored shirt represents a subtle but significant statement of style and appreciation for quality craftsmanship. For the man who seeks not only elegance but also an authentic expression of his personality, the tailored shirt is an essential part of the wardrobe, especially because, in the well-dressed man (and woman), it is one of the details that make the difference.


The Excellence of the Tailoring Shirt: A Triumph of Customization and Quality

The tailored shirt represents a style statement and a tribute to Italian sartorial craftsmanship. Its superiority over the prepackaged shirt is manifested in various aspects, all of which are fundamental to the art of tailoring.


Tailored Fit

A tailored shirt is designed and made with the precise measurements and unique posture of each Client in mind. This customized approach allows for a fit that is not only flawless, but almost second-skin. Each seam, fold and line is designed to enhance the client’s figure, adapting to his or her specific proportions and movements. Unlike standard shirts, where the standard cut may involve compromises in fit, the tailored shirt follows and respects the natural curves of the body, ensuring a sleek and proportionate silhouette.


Attention to Details

In a tailored shirt, every detail is taken care of with extreme attention. Beginning with the accuracy of the cut, by hand for each individual shirt after drawing it onto the fabric according to the unique measurements of the wearer’s body, to the placement of the buttons to the choice of thread, from the accuracy of the collars and cuffs to the fineness of the stitching, every element is designed to ensure quality and durability. These details, overlooked in mass production, are what make each tailored shirt unique.


Quality of Fabrics

The selection of fabrics in a tailored shirt is a process that goes beyond simple aesthetics. It is about choosing materials that offer not only visual pleasantness but also superior tactile comfort. Our fabrics are selected from only the world’s most exclusive cottons, exclusively natural and sustainable, woven and dyed in Italy according to the strictest and most certified regulations, protecting environmental sustainability and the health of those who will wear them.


Adaptability and Comfort

The most obvious advantage of a tailored shirt is its incomparable comfort. Without the stiffness or bulkiness of prepackaged shirts, a tailored shirt wraps around the body naturally, allowing freedom of movement and a feeling of well-being throughout the day. This aspect is essential for those seeking not only aesthetic elegance, but also practicality and convenience. Besides being, however, a unique and exclusive garment, uniquely cut and sewn for the body of the wearer.

The Litrico Tailoring Philosophy: Creating Shirts as Extensions of Personality

Litrico Tailoring, with its heritage and mastery in the art of tailoring, adopts a philosophy that transcends mere dressmaking. Each shirt produced here is considered a unique masterpiece, a symbol of sartorial elegance that reflects the deep connection between the craftsman and the fabric, between the customer and his style.


Personalization at the Center

Every man possesses an individual aesthetic, a personal signature that Litrico Tailoring strives to capture and reflect in each shirt. Collaboration begins with an in-depth conversation, careful listening to the client’s stories, needs and preferences. It involves understanding not only the physical measurements but also the stylistic ambitions of the person who will wear the shirt.


Details that Define

Collar and Cuffs:

The choice of collar and cuffs is crucial. Whether it is an Italian collar for a classic look or a spread for a bolder note, each detail is shaped to complement the client’s physiognomy and style.

Fabric Selection:

Litrico Tailoring offers a wide range of fine fabrics, from the most classic cottons to fine linens, allowing customers to choose the material that best suits their skin, taste and required functionality.

Buttons and Seams:

Each button, made of genuine Australian mother-of-pearl, is selected to complement the fabric and overall design, while the stitching is precisely executed to ensure durability and a flawless appearance, and made with the best threads in the world. The initials are hand embroidered with silk thread.


The Art of Measurement

In Litrico Tailoring, taking measurements is an art. It goes beyond simple physical measurements to understand the client’s posture, movement, and comfort. This process ensures that each shirt not only fits perfectly but moves in harmony with the wearer.

At Litrico Tailoring, each shirt is more than a garment; it is a statement of individuality. Our philosophy is not only to create clothes, but to help each man define and express his own unique style through tailored tailoring details and unparalleled craftsmanship.

In an age dominated by mass production, the tailored shirt thus stands out as a bastion of individuality and personal taste. It represents a return to the roots of masculine elegance, where quality and attention to detail were essential values. Choosing a Litrico tailored shirt therefore means not only wearing a high-quality garment, but also participating in a tradition of excellence and personal expression in the highest expression of Italian tailoring art.


Our motto is, “Your body is unique in the world, at Litrico Tailoring we know that.”

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